Deep Compositing Extended

OpenDCX 2.2.2 documentation


Deep Pixels

Classes to manage deep pixels and deep samples (deep segments in dcx-speak.)

DeepPixel is for use during pixel iteration loops and has methods to insert/delete segments and their corresponding Pixel structures; flatten segments into an accumulated result; collapse (combine) segments together; interpolate segment values; merge segment values; etc. Since DeepPixels can be memory intensive due to the size of the Pixel structures the assumption is that one DeepPixel is used per pixel iterating thread and that it is reused at each pixel rather than being repeatedly allocated and destroyed.

PixelTile and DeepTile organizes DeepPixels into rectangular regions, while DeepImageInputTile and DeepImageOutputTile extends this region with support for image formats and file read/write.

See ImageFormat for more info on image format handling and the concept of the apertureWindow.

Deep Sample Metadata

Deep Pixel Transforms

Generic Pixel Classes

Pixel‘s are glorified float arrays with a ref:channelset_class attached and are also intended solely for pixel-loop iteration use as they are not packed arrays.